Suggested Camp Programme
for Upper Primary Students

The following camp programme itinerary is designed to be use as an example which can be added to or deleted from. We have an extensive range of venue and activity options.

3 Day, 2 Night Camp Programme

Accommodation at Koojarewon Outdoor Camp


8.30am  -  Depart school

10.00am  -  Farm visit with a tour included. 

Morning Tea

1.00pm  -  Highfields Pioneer Village for lunch and a tour.

Various menu options available.

3.30pm  -  Arrive at Koojarewon Camp site.

Unpack and setup.

4.00pm - 5.30pm  -  Games, Free time activities and showers

6.00pm  -  Ten Pin Bowling and Dinner

8.00pm  -  Supper

9.00pm  -  Bedtime


7.00am  -  Morning exercise activity/walk/jog

8.00am  -  Breakfast

9.30am  -  Art Gallery tour

10.30am  -  Morning Tea

11.30am  -  Jondaryan Woolshed tour, activities and lunch

4.00pm  -  Return to Koojarewon Camp accommodation.

Free time/outdoor activities, showers

6.00pm  -  Dinner at camp

7.30pm  -  Night activities

9.00pm  -  Supper/Bedtime


7.00am  -  Morning exercise activity/walk/jog

8.00am  -  Breakfast

8.45am  -  Pack up

9.30am  -  Japanese Gardens tour

10.00am   - Morning Tea

10.30am  -  Cobb & Co Museum various interactive activities including Sciencentre

1.00pm  -  Lunch and short walk

1.30pm  -  Depart for school

3.00pm  -  Arrive

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